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May 2 2015 drawing is a picture that records some sort of dialogue. A record of a series of conversations some of which go nowhere and some have a loose connection to other parts.

I like the idea that different characters can pop in on the picture when they want to: there is no exclusion in this pictorial world so a couple beating the fog are ok. The arm chair thinker wondering what to do with his hands is ok too.

Also when the subject matter has no leash, it wanders and other ideas are free to pop in.  This drawing reveals several ideas for me to think about. They can be found middle bottom and bottom right (the green bit).

The middle bottom bit is a flotilla of simple bench seats with a person at either end. Interspersed between these seats are sheep…. the whole image reminded me of suburbia and not necessarily in a negative way; just the quiet struggle of the whole set up.

The green bit also has a quiet struggle about it, but deeper in a world of melded nature and artefact; endless bubbling currents constantly changing. The green bit, for some reason that I am unclear about, reminded me of the Rosetta Stone. The stone has the same text in all three scripts.  It provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

(If hasn’t already happened, maybe it’s time for the Brits to return the Stone to Egypt.)

meld - Version 2

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