Notebook » Street conversation about the merits of Cartesian grid or the heuristic process of proportional diagram design.

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29 July 2015:

Two drawings, one freehand showing a street scene with a conversation happening between two people on balconies on opposite sides of the alley way. What are they talking about? The merits of the Cartesian grid of the paving below?

Or what comes next in the void at the end of the street, or maybe making plans for big RUGBY match, or maybe they are discussing the pros and cons of the trial and error,  proportional diagram below….

Is it a plan? Is it a house, a city, a detail, a part, a whole, a copy, some abstract nonsense that has no real value (unlike real estate) ?

The  conversation continues to flow in and out and around and around the subject matter, passing their opinions between themselves; fast and true.

Just like practising passes before the big game.



Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.45.54 am - Version 2

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