A successful building begins with good communication between the client and the architect.

We meet with you to discuss your project, visit the site, and prepare a written brief of your requirements.

At this stage we want to learn about you, and the site.

We will gather information from you, the council, and the context of the site.

We will discuss your budget and agree a design fee.


The concept stage is a chance to play around with, and test out, various ideas. These ideas are open to discussion and change.

At the end of this stage the brief will have been clarified, and initial concepts explored, resulting in a freehand plan, and drawings of the proposed building and how it will sit in it’s context.

Initial sketches of the form of the building will have been started.


With the brief clarified and initial concepts explored, we will have a clear design direction and can begin to apply detail to bring the ideas to life.

As the design develops we move from the very loose concept drawings to ones with more structure and detail.

We begin to consider and contact other professionals who may need to be involved, eg geo-tech and structural engineers and landscape architects etc.

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