Design is the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing of something before it is made.

We, at Continuum Architects, are particularly interested in the design of all forms of residential architecture.

Richard Sellars BArch Registered Architect NZIA


Richard Sellars’ architectural influence began when he was born into a house, designed by architect Guy Sellars, in Christchurch NZ in the 1950’s.

In those early days he learnt that when function, material, proportion, colour, detail are carefully considered it is possible to create environments which support and uplift the human condition. Conversely, when the same above elements are arbitrarily or haphazardly assembled, then the effect can be neutral at best and can even have a depressing effect.


Family home design by Guy Sellars 1953


Continuum Architects


1985-2000         Experience in large architectural organisations in NZ and UK.

2000-present    Development of Richard Sellars Architect which evolved into Continuum Architects. This practice of architecture is kept small because small can be more dynamic, more responsive,  more personal and more connected with all the collaborators on a project; client, builders, landscape architects etc.


Art of putting things together


The art of architecture for Richard is the art of putting things together.

This process begins with conversations and the putting  together of ideas. The architectural process is a synthesis of putting together many elements; shapes, proportion, materials, light, shadow, surprises…. whatever you choose.

The real wonder of architecture is that this putting together process changes every time depending on the client,  their requirements,  the context they want to inhabit and of course the architect and the builder they choose to work with.

 This putting together process, when all participants are fully engaged in the outcome of the project, will  create new environments that are a pleasure to be in.


Preliminary sketch for a small garden studio                        Continuum Architects